Man Beats Emphysema & COPD in Six Weeks – 10 Advantages of Alternative Medicine


Alternative medicine is kind of an umbrella title for a number of different health or healing philosophies and approaches to medicine, health and healing. Included in alternative medicine are homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and natural remedies.

Many diseases and health conditions (i.e., emphysema, COPD, arthritis, cancer) have actually been beaten by alternative medicine and natural remedies. However, mainstream medicine has for years tended to not acknowledge these countless successes, apparently because they go against its established philosophies, methodologies, and are generally far less profitable than their mainstream treatments.

From our research and that of many highly qualified sources, many safe and effective alternative treatments and remedies have been ignored or even scoffed at for years by mainstream medical authorities and professionals. Mainstream medicine has called some alternative treatments as “unsafe,” “unproven”, etc. However, consider how many once “approved” mainstream pharmaceutical drugs, prescribed to millions of patients, have been recalled due to harm or death to patients? Consider the numerous potential side effects they list in their ads for their drugs still on the market. (Talk about “unsafe”! Yet, they can label alternative medicine and natural remedies “unsafe”?!)

Alternative medical, health and healing “testimonials” have also often been called “anecdotes” or “anecdotal evidence;” sometimes, as in a court room, such can be called “hearsay.” Some anecdotal evidence does not qualify as scientific evidence because its nature prevents it from being investigated using the scientific method. We’re not discounting the scientific method at all; it certainly has its place, and it is one of the single greatest strategies and reasons for humanity’s greatest advances in science, technology and medicine in the last two centuries.

There is truly “hearsay” and there is “anecdotal evidence.” Applying these labels too broadly, however, can shade or hide the reality of truly valuable and valid research and results. This terminology or labeling can be accurate (i.e., illogical conclusions), desirable and necessary in many situations. “Goat yogurt mixed with bananas and peanuts prolongs life. I heard of a man who ate this almost every day of his life, and he lived to be 112.” This would be a simplistic example of hearsay or anecdotal evidence; the conclusion is unreliable and does not follow the evidence. Such cases may hold some truth, but, by their nature, using the scientific method is not possible.

However, with many successful alternative treatments and natural remedies, we are suggesting that there is often a much higher level of correlation linking them to health or healing, even though the scientific method may not be applicable. (Mainstream medical authorities have in the past tended to discount claims or research that wasn’t conducted with the scientific methodology). (Many celebrities, professional athletes, politicians, and other wealthy people are seekers and strong supporters of alternative medicine, natural remedies, etc. Such high performance people need, want and demand high performance supplements, practices and treatments for their minds and bodies. Why shouldn’t you and your family have the same? )

Objectivity is foundational to the scientific method; however, in the area of medicine and healing, the subjective, human realities of the patient (i.e., belief, expectation, attitude, commitment, family or environmental support, etc.) have abundantly been demonstrated to play major roles in healing. But such real factors and dimensions cannot easily be incorporated by the scientific method; therefore, other methods of measurement, research and investigation are necessary.

Again, the scientific method is highly necessary and deserves glorious credit. But scientists, researchers, doctors, etc., need to have the wisdom to know when it is needed or applicable; they, and we, need to have the wisdom not to discount or discredit evidence simply because it has not or cannot be investigated by the scientific method.

With the human, subjective variables being very real, medicine, health and healing can be somewhat more complicated than, say, the aerodynamics of flight, or other areas of technology. It seems that to simply label evidence that doesn’t fit the strict western scientific methodology, simply because scientists can’t fully explain or predict a claim, or that its nature prevents such strategy, would be closed minded. Some factors, variables or dimensions of the human experience are simply broader than the scientific methodology allows.

As can be seen as you investigate alternative medicine-great results have been realized from alternative medicine, natural remedies, etc.; such results are undeniable.

Mainstream medicine places a high value upon being able to explain “why” a tested treatment works; if they can’t explain it or it isn’t predictable by their standards, they tend to discount or discredit the substance, treatment or practice. Yes, it is worthy to want to know why something works or doesn’t work. However, wisdom from positive results would seem to say, “Use it … as you continue to investigate the “why” of it.” (Again, consider the countless dangers and deaths that have resulted from mainstream “approved” drugs, treatments and practices … many of which the public is little aware.)

Bottom line is-the alternative treatments and natural remedies we support and use have demonstrated a much higher degree of value and validity than simple “hearsay” or “anecdotal evidence.” A real “truth seeker” will not let fear, bias, ego or an agenda interfere with gaining truth and facts.

In recent years millions of common people have been awakened to the value and validity of alternative medicine and natural remedies; now, even mainstream practitioners are opening their minds to them. Here a few examples. For years, chiropractic care was basically scoffed at; but now chiropractic care is so widely embraced that many insurance companies cover it and countless people have benefited from it. For years, alternative doctors and health practitioners asserted that good nutrition and cleansing the body of toxins were crucial to good health and healing; yet mainstream medicine tended to downplay their importance. Now, after years of alternative medicine making progress, an increasing number of mainstream practitioners are open to these truths and even practice them personally themselves. This is good news! These mainstream medical professionals are to be appreciated for being forward-thinking!

A third example is that, for years, alternative professionals asserted that antibiotics were way over prescribed by mainstream doctors. Now, in recent years, mainstream sources have come to acknowledge this, as some harmful microbes have become immune to the over prescribed antibiotics. Once again, alternative medicine revealed and proclaimed truth that is now being received. We are not attempting to discount or diminish the value and validity of mainstream medicine. It definitely has its place. And we definitely acknowledge and appreciate the truly dedicated mainstream medical professionals who both practice and advance beneficial methods of medical innovations. In our opinion, there is no better place to go for injuries or trauma than a mainstream medical hospital!

We’re just saying that, when it comes to general health and healing of diseases and conditions like emphysema, cancer, COPD, arthritis, etc., both mainstream and alternative treatments should be openly and fairly considered. This seems to be “common sense” wisdom. When you begin to look into the successes of alternative medicine, it will soon become apparent that the countless successes and testimonials cannot be denied. Five, ten or twenty success testimonials from a single source could be overlooked. However, a broader view will reveal that there are countless successes, from many diverse and highly credible sources of alternative medicine and natural remedies. Many such successes are from late stage patients who mainstream medicine had exhausted their limited treatments on, and sent them home to prepare to die. Yet, alternative medicine is credited with a good percentage of restoring the health of such late-stage patients, or at least extending their lives and allowing them to experience a higher quality of life in their final days (as compared to what they likely would have had under mainstream treatment or hospitalization).

At some point in one’s investigation of the subject, it becomes apparent that to discount or deny these many diverse successes would be ignorant and closed minded. One man, Jim, was told by his mainstream doctor that there was nothing else he could do for him, and that he would die in about six months from his emphysema and COPD. Shortly after, however, Jim discovered and began a long established, but still relatively little-known alternative treatment. Just six weeks later Jim returned to his mainstream doctor. After some tests, his doctor exclaimed in amazement: “Whatever you’ve been doing – keep doing it! Your lungs are 70% clear!” Jim is still living – over 20 years since his doctor gave him a six months “death sentence.” The treatment Jim used to beat emphysema, COPD and arthritis in six weeks has also been used by thousands of people to heal or greatly improve many other diseases and conditions.

True science, whether in medicine or any other field, should constantly be open to evidence – even if the body of evidence is contrary to the scientist or investigator’s premises, hypothesis or expectations. It has been said that the evidence of an experiment or study is dictated by the hypothesis. In a way, this perspective is necessary and even inherently desirable in the scientific process. (Double-blind studies and experiments are indeed important and often necessary and desired.) A scientist should or may have some expectations in the testing of his or her hypothesis. However, if they don’t have a grounding or value beyond their results, a purpose that is to get at truth that goes beyond their expectations or purpose – a bias can sway or elevate their agenda above truth and that which may potentially benefit society. And, even with a justifiable and worthy profit motive, if benefiting society or whatever is not the ultimate aim, then hindering truth can be harmful to individuals, society, and/or the environment.

To hold one’s foundational assumptions above the evidence blinds one to truth and reality; and getting at truth and reality should be the guiding vision of science, medical or otherwise. Anything less is to devalue and hinder progress that could likely benefit others. Yes, profit can and should be made. Profit is foundational to the stability and advance of the company or institution, and economics in general. Devoid of some fair degree of profit motive, the expressions of gifts and talents of human creativity and innovation would be hindered. But profit or power can wrongfully become more important than people, animals or the environment. Unfortunately, in the real world, this has been the case too many times throughout history as well as today.

The key to true and beneficial “advancement” is to evaluate and proceed with a care and concern for the long-term effects at all levels (human, animal and environment). The primary standard and directive, then, as the creatures on earth who impact the world more than any other – should be to value life at all levels. So, whether it is medicine or another area of science, alternative ideas that demonstrate safety and effectiveness, even if they are not as profitable – should be allowed and supported to the benefit of humanity, individually and collectively. Again, mainstream medicine and the pharmaceutical industry have done much good for the benefit of society. However, to varying degrees and for various reasons, many of the beneficial discoveries, advances and successes of alternative medicine – have too long been ignored or discounted by mainstream medical sources. These many successes of alternative medicine are realities that anyone can quickly discover as they begin to look into the subject with an open mind.

Wisdom is essentially the proper application of knowledge and understanding that tends to bring good and beneficial results. We believe wisdom, when it comes to health and healing, comes from an informed and balanced perspective in various areas of medicine. To expand one’s view and perspective, we much expand or shift our perception and understanding from merely disease control and symptom management to focus more on health principles, prevention, and healing at the causal levels. Disease is essentially the body “not-at-ease”, out of balance or not in homeostasis. As it is evident that the body has innate processes that tend to try to heal itself, the body innately tries to move toward homeostasis (balance and a state of health and “ease”). When given what it needs, the body can frequently be successful. A balanced perspective in medicine and healing, then, can only come from knowing the truths and realities, of the benefits and successes, of the diverse areas of all forms of healing.

Mainstream medicine, pharmaceutical drugs and alternative medicine each have their place and beneficial purposes. With the mainstream establishments having the dominant advantages in society, which often conflicts with the philosophies and practices of the lesser known areas of alternative medicine, we believe it is important to share some of the advantages. There are many advantages of alternative medicine, natural remedies, etc., but we present ten here that are fundamental. To these purposes, we present to you …


(Fact: Emphysema, COPD, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, cancer, and other diseases have been beaten … thanks to alternative medicine and natural remedies!)

1. Alternative Medicine Tends To Support The Innate Healing Processes Of The Body More Than Mainstream Medicine

Everyone, even young children, know that the human body has an innate ability or tendency to heal itself. For years, mainstream medicine has tended to ignore or to work against this reality. Many of their treatments actually suppress the innate processes the body uses to cleanse itself of sickness, disease or condition. In some cases it may be necessary to intervene in what the body may be doing in response to disease, illness, conditions or injuries. However, in general, the body knows precisely what to do and is programmed to instinctively heal itself.

One of the common philosophies in alternative medicine is to use treatments that aid, facilitate and strengthen the body’s innate healing processes in their efforts to restore health and balance. To work with, rather than against, the self-evident innate healing process, whenever possible, makes sense and has demonstrated countless successes.

2. Alternative Medicine Tends To Treat Causes Rather Than Symptoms

Mainstream medicine tends to treat symptoms rather than address the underlying causes of diseases or conditions. Mainstream doctors generally have their dominant treatments, medicines and practices that relatively limit experimentation with individual patients. Alternative medicine tends to have more liberty to experiment and apply different treatments, and often experiment until they get results. In general, their treatments are typically very safe and often natural. (Alternative medicine practitioners often do and should earn income from their practices and products; but could it be that there is much more money in symptom management in the mainstream camps?)

3. Alternative Medicine Tends To Embrace And Work With The Subjective Realities Of The Mind, Belief, Expectation, Emotions, Attitude, etc. Of The Whole Person

Mainstream medicine has for decades tended to dismiss the powerful realities and roles that belief, expectancy and emotions play in health and healing. Double-blind tests and objectivity are often highly necessary and important. However, belief, expectation and other factors are also important and powerful when it comes to health and healing. The internal, subjective experience of a subject is crucial and cannot be denied. Many people today are aware that the human mind and imagination hold unrealized potential in many areas, including health and healing. Consider the amazing experiments, results and fun that have been attained from hypnosis – by the belief of the mind. In education, whether a student can or can’t do a given task, is often determined by his or her level of belief and expectation. This is known as “self-fulfilling prophecy.”

In the medical field, it has been effectively demonstrated that a single thought (with emotion) can dramatically affect a subject’s white blood cell count which is crucial to the immune systems and healing. In subjects who were asked to think of an experience that caused them some sort of negative feeling, their white blood count almost immediately went down. In the same subjects, when asked to think of something positive, their white blood cell counts almost immediately sky rocketed far above the baseline.

It has also been demonstrated that laughter can enhance the white blood cell count, healing endorphins and functions of immune system. Even the Good Book reveals being happy is good like a medicine (Proverbs 17:22). Mainstream medicine, for years, has tended to ignore or discount such subjective experiments. Objectivity is often important, but to deny and investigate without acknowledging the subjective experience – is to deny or ignore reality.

4. Alternative Medicine Is Not Dependent Upon Patented Drugs

Mainstream medicine tends to support and is highly dependent upon the pharmaceutical industry, which often uses unnatural substances. Apparently, substances that are naturally-occurring cannot be patented. From what we understand, this is generally why the pharmaceutical companies tend to create their own substances, so they can obtain patents and so gain higher profits. Again, some medications are necessary and beneficial. But, again, consider the many once “approved” drugs that have been recalled due to harm and even deaths. Consider the many potential side-effects they list in the ads of drugs currently on the market. (Uh, no thanks . . . I’d rather keep my disease!)

Alternative medicine is not generally into patenting their substances, or at least is not as dependent upon patents. And their treatments are typically safe when used correctly, or are natural. Yes, even “natural” substances can be unsafe, but they must be used appropriately. Alternative treatments aren’t always successful. But often treatments can easily be modified or changed until something does work.

5. Alternative Medicine Tends To Have A Broader Perspective Of Health and Healing, Allowing More Flexibility and Adaptability When Treating Patients

Mainstream medicine tends to be limited in its approaches and treatments, generally staying solely with medical school practices. How many times have you heard of a doctor giving up on a patient and sending them home to die? Yet, alternative medicine has many types of treatments, and is credited with actually healing a good percentage of patients in the late stages of diseases (after their mainstream doctors had given up on them). Jim’s doctor had given him only 6 months to live; but after he started the alternative, natural treatment for his emphysema, his lungs became 70% clear in only six weeks. And this was revealed and stated by his doctor who had given up on him.

Again, alternative medicine treatments aren’t always effective. But they have demonstrated much more effectiveness than some of mainstream medicine’s treatments. After Jim’s doctor told him he had only six months to live, he had no hope, and hopelessness has been linked to early deaths. Without hope, it has been observed, the mind and body tend to weaken and slowly shut down, thus bringing on death sooner. Once Jim heard about the treatment that saved his life, he began to have hope. Hope wasn’t really necessary with the treatment that he used (as it has been used successfully on people who had little or no expectation of it). However, hope was enough to get him to try it and take action. (Jim has been thankful for 20 years since.)

Alternative medicine has a broader perspective, approach and adaptability than does mainstream medicine. Thankfully, mainstream medicine in recent years is more accommodating of alternative medicine; they sometimes refer to it as “complimentary medicine.” Many alternative therapies will not conflict with mainstream medicine treatments so they can often be done along with mainstream treatments.

6. Alternative Medicine Fundamentally Embraces The Now-Known Reality That Good Nutrition, Balancing And Cleansing The Body Is Fundamental To Health And Healing

For decades, mainstream medicine in general has tended to downplay and even sometimes mock the importance of nutrition, balancing, and cleansing the body. Yet, properly nourishing, balancing and cleansing the body has demonstrated many times that it can greatly assist the body in healing itself. Now, after years of alternative assertions as to the importance of these, even many mainstream practitioners are now eating healthier, taking nutritional supplements, exercising, and balancing and cleansing their own bodies personally.

Mainstream medical students, at least in the past, receive relatively few hours of training in nutrition as compared with many hours of their other medical training. This seems to reveal that mainstream medicine has not tended to value the importance of how critical properly nourishing and cleansing the body is to general health and healing. (A crazy thought: If society was much healthier in general from better nutrition and cleansing, maybe we wouldn’t need less of the not-so-healthy drugs of mainstream medicine.) Of course their other medical training is important. However, in recent years, it is great news that even mainstream medical sources are now realizing the extreme importance of good nutrition as alternative practitioners have asserted for decades.

Now, more and more people are being educated by alternative medical knowledge. We are realizing the almost common sense that cells need proper nutrition to be healthy, that the functions of the body need to be balanced, and that, as the processes of food are being converted into energy, toxins are (the by-products that accumulate in the cells) major contributors of disease and adverse conditions. As an automobile needs appropriate fuel, the systems need to be in tune (balanced) (i.e., clean spark plugs), and the exhaust needs to be effectively released – so too do our bodies. With nutrition, balancing and cleansing as important as they are now generally known to be to health and healing, it would be wise to be open to the professional knowledge of someone who is knowledgeable in these areas. One woman totally healed herself of breast cancer, and much of her “treatment” was getting excellent nutrition. Incidentally, this woman was and is a mainstream medical doctor who once worked in a mainstream hospital. The more you learn about proper nutrition, quite possibly, which is the natural tendency of life – you may find you need medicine and doctor’s appointments less and less. Proper nutrition, cleansing and exercise are foundational to alternative medicine.

7. Alternative Medicine Practitioners Are Generally Highly Informed About The Treatments They Prescribe Or Administer As Opposed To Mainstream Doctors Who Are Often “Educated” By Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives About Their Latest Approved Drugs

As many new approved pharmaceutical drugs are released on the market each year, mainstream medical doctors tend to know relatively little about them, especially if the doctors have been out of medical school for years. So the doctors are typically educated about the new drugs by the respective pharmaceutical company sales representatives. Alternative medicine doctors or practitioners are typically very educated about the treatments they prescribe, administer or suggest.

8. Alternative Medicine Tends To Avoid Dependency On Treatments

Again, the human body instinctively and naturally tends to try to heal itself and to get itself back to homeostasis, health, wholeness, and ease (as opposed to “dis-eased”), externally and internally. A disease, illness, condition, ailment or injury is a health crisis. It seems that the role of any medicine should be to get the body out of a state of health crisis as soon as possible. Yet, mainstream medicine tends to create a dependency upon a medication. This is basically symptom management. Alternative medicine’s primary purpose is, in general, to get the body out of a health crisis as soon as possible, and eliminate or minimize dependency.

9. Alternative Medicine’s Treatments, Especially Natural Remedies, Often Can Remedy More Than One Disease, Illness, Condition or Symptom At The Same Time

Many alternative treatments, especially natural remedies, can remedy more than one disease, condition or ailment at a time. Diseases, conditions or ailments at the causal levels can often manifest themselves with multiple symptoms. When a disease or condition is treated at the causal level, or the body is effectively supported, oftentimes – multiple symptoms have been known to reduce or disappear. When the immune system or affected organs are strengthened, it is common sense that they would be stronger in general to fight off other forms of disease, illness or conditions.

Jim did the treatment that saved his life for his emphysema and COPD. However, weeks later – he discovered that the arthritis he had for years also had disappeared. Doing this treatment was the only thing he changed in his life-style during that time, so it was highly likely the treatment got the credit. In fact, he never even quit smoking during that time of treatment, nor during all these 20 years since. Many people have experienced multiple healings from a single alternative treatment or remedy.

10. Alternative Medicine’s Treatments Can Often Be Done Without Medical Oversight And Knowledge Can Empower Individuals and Families To Improve Their Own Health Many alternative treatments, especially natural remedies, can be done without medical intervention, oversight or prescription. A great thing about alternative medicine is that you can learn much of it on your own just by reading what qualified sources have to say. And this can lead to less dependency upon medicine and incurring medical expenses. And many alternative medicine doctors and practitioners actually practice a philosophy of educating their patients to not to need them so much in the future.

It generally takes initiative and effort to think and learn about alternative medicine and remedies. This requires personal responsibility … which is why the majority of people would prefer to not expend the time and energy to learn for themselves, thus often relying blindly upon their doctors. However, as is consistent with life and reality, the long term effort of personal responsibility and gaining knowledge pays bountiful rewards.

We hope this article has encouraged and excited you to begin or continue your personal discovery of the value, validity and advantages of the many areas and successes of alternative medicine.

NECESSARY DISCLAIMER:The information in this report and in the e-book has not been evaluated by the FDA. The information is not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease, illness or condition; it is for educational purposes only. It is recommended that before attempting any treatment you educate yourself as much as possible and gain sound medical advice, preferably by a medical practitioner who is open to and/or educated in the diverse areas of alternative medicine.

Alternative Treatment for Digestive Problems After Gallbladder Removal

A gallbladder removal surgery is not necessarily a slam-dunk procedure. After gallbladder removal surgery, some people have problems with digestion and pain. The medical name for this condition is a postcholecystectomy syndrome, and gallbladder removal surgery is cholecystectomy. From medical research, the postcholecystectomy syndrome occurs in 15-40 percent of people without a gallbladder. If 700,000 cholecystectomies are performed annually in the U.S., that means many people are suffering from indigestion and pain.

Without a doubt, the gallbladder plays a substantial role in digestion, and its work is tightly connected to the liver, pancreas, bile ducts, sphincter of Oddi, duodenum, stomach, and even the colon. I write about this tight connection and its inner workings in my book “Natural health before and after gallbladder removal.”

The liver produces bile that generally has two undeniably important jobs to do. First, the liver removes fat-soluble substances like cholesterol, heavy metals, bile pigments, drugs, medications, and alcohol. Second, the liver allows for proper digestion of fats and fat-soluble vitamins–the fuel that the body needs. With both of these responsibilities, the liver can only do its jobs with bile.

Bile plays the role of a garbage truck in the body. Bile is an unsung hero that deserves a medal for the hard work that it does for our bodies. Everything that we eat goes into the liver. Harmful substances and toxins are cleaned out of our bodies. These harmful irritants can bother our bile ducts, the sphincter of Oddi, the duodenum, as well as cause inflammation and pain. As you can see, these irritants can affect a number of body parts, so a whole-body cleansing is helpful and recommended for people without a gallbladder. Caution–do not use a “liver flush” with olive oil– this is only for super healthy people who have their gallbladders.

In the gallbladder, bile from the liver is collected and concentrated; then gallbladder bile makes its way into the duodenum where food enters from the stomach to digest fats. When the gallbladder is cut out, liver bile continually moves down to the duodenum even though there is no food.

Why do some individuals suffer from pain and digestive problems after gallbladder removal? Why didn’t the pains go away after this surgical procedure was done?

Let me explain. Not too many people realize that the liver and pancreas are alkaline glands. Since the glands are alkaline, the bile and pancreatic juice (the liquid) are also alkaline. The alkalinity of bile and pancreatic juice is the vital factor for proper digestion and the entire health of a person. If you take anything meaningful away from this article, let it be alkalinity.

Contrarily, acidity causes profound changes to the biochemistry of these fluids. Acidic bile is extremely aggressive, irritated, corroded, and it injures surrounding tissues such as bile ducts, and the sphincter of Oddi-the valve between the bile duct and duodenum. It can be a big reason for the pain and cramps.

Aggressive acidic bile corrodes the walls of the duodenum that creates a jerky, uneven contractions of the gut’s wall. This imbalance causes bile reflux–aggressive acidic bile goes up into the stomach or esophagus. This wrong-way flow- bile reflux is the main reason for stubborn heartburn, stomach inflammation, ulcers, and Barret’s esophagus.

Acidity leads to bile stones in bile ducts that can create blockages, inflammation, and pain. Acidic bile loses the ability to digest fats, and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. Undigested fats and corroded acidic bile irritate the colon that leads to chronic diarrhea.

If foods are not properly digested in the small intestine, they are fermented by bacteria and yeasts with regular gas, bloating, fullness, flatulence, and nausea. During fermentation, many toxic substances are produced. With one step leading to the next step, it is no surprise or wonder that people can experience a long list of symptoms: fatigue, depression, weight gain or loss, low immunity, hormonal imbalance, skin reactions, etc. What can help to restore healthy acid-alkaline balance? Fortunately, there are three natural ways to make the body alkaline:

1. Alkaline diet

2. Drinking Karlovy Vary healing mineral water

3. Supplementation with minerals, such as cellular magnesium-potassium

By the way, anyone can find out if they are dealing with acidity. At home, with litmus paper, you can check your saliva and urine pH. If they are lower than 6.6 pH, this equals acidity. I focus on an alkaline, healthy diet in various articles and my book, Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You. Naturally, people can stick to a normal, slightly alkaline milieu by supplying their bodies with minerals and bicarbonate that mostly come from vegetables and water. Although much is known about an alkaline diet, and many people take minerals and supplements, there is one natural resource that is not well known in the United States by either physicians or patients–drinking healing mineral water-that is proven to help people.

Using Karlovy Vary healing mineral water for digestive disorders is not odd or the exception in Europe. European doctors have recommended using healing mineral water for centuries. Karlovy Vary healing mineral water is the most researched of all mineral waters. Numerous medical papers have proven its practical actions and safety. You don’t need to be in Europe or speak a foreign language. You can get genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt and make healing mineral water at home, following instructions provided.

With a vast lot of historical reference, European doctors have noted that the minerals, bicarbonate and trace elements in Karlovy Vary healing mineral water have an influence over digestive problems and pain in persons with the postcholecystectomy syndrome.

One non-drug, alternative treatment that can’t be omitted from this article is acupuncture. Acupuncture is widely used for many digestive disorders all over the world. Acupuncture can reduce pain, gas, can stop diarrhea or nausea, help with weight loss, etc. Abdominal point massage that is performed by a trained professional can reduce pain and adhesions after surgery.

People groups that have been on Planet Earth for centuries had herbal remedies to treat their health issues. These herbal remedies still exist. Traditional Chinese Medicine, European herbs, Ayurveda, or Native Americans herbs can help with diarrhea, constipation, pains, and spasms.

The restoration of good intestinal flora is at the core of proper health for the gastrointestinal tract. An anti-Candida diet, herbs, probiotics, and colon hydrotherapy can re-establish friendly bacteria in the gut. This healthy environment inside of you can tackle pain, gas, flatulence, and constipation.

Mother Nature does not make mistakes. Every single organ of the human body is made for a specific reason, and the gallbladder is no exception. Unfortunately, we cannot put the gallbladder back into the body, but there are safe and effective methods of alternative medicine that do help. Tried and proven, these alternative methods truly work. These natural treatments can be used along with medical treatment(s), or they can be used as a stand-alone treatment. We highly recommend that you find a knowledgeable, experienced licensed practitioner or practitioners who understand your pains and symptoms professionally due to gallbladder loss.

The information in this article is presented for educational, informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, and advice of a qualified licensed professional.

Moringa Oleifera – Alternative Medicine for Lupus?

The moringa oleifera tree is now considered by many as a miracle tree for its medicinal benefits. The trees leaves are usually used to make moringa extract which contains anti-inflammatory properties. It is also known to contain anti-toxins, anti-oxidants and is full of the essential vitamins, nutrients and amino acids which boost the body’s immune system. Obviously because of these benefits, moringa is now recognized by many organizations including the World Health Organization, the European Union and other NGOs around the world. Many countries, including the Philippines and Africa are cultivating these trees for the production of bulk and wholesale moringa oil and moringa powder as raw ingredients for medicines, cosmetic products and to fight malnutrition.

One of the most important functions of moringa is its suppression of the COX-2 enzyme that causes the inflammation and pains the body experiences when this is produced in the body. And this is where its application to combat lupus comes in. Lupus erythematossus is an auto-immune inflammatory disease that affects several parts of the body – kidneys, joints and the skin. There is no exact causal factor for this disease but it is known that this can affect anyone of any age and could be fatal. Also, the pain of the production of the COX-2 enzyme especially during the constant flare ups could be hard to endure.

No one really knows what triggers these flare-ups and many sufferers of lupus are constantly on the lookout of how to avoid them. This means that sufferers need to avoid sunlight and eat foods rich in omega 3. The lifestyle of the lupus sufferer can be very expensive because of all the medications they need to take to suppress the disease. Moringa Oleifera helps the patients in terms of nutrition and alternative medication. As it contains natural anti-inflammatory properties it is considered to be safer to use on the long term than the NSAIDs which can be addicting or can cause some unwanted side effects.

The drugs that the lupus sufferers endure can cause numerous problems to the kidneys, the circulation, digestive problems and many other complications. Taking moringa leaves in the diet and as supplements is not only less toxic but it is also more effective. There are now numerous products which contain this wonder herb and those who need them in the diet constantly, like the lupus sufferers, can buy bulk moringa leaves, powder and other products online.